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From Ireland to Kansas

Alfred Brass "A.B." Revell and Mary Elizabeth (Williams) Revell Taken @1924 Cloud, Co. Kansas.

On the 2nd of May 1849 the ship "CHESTER" ported in New York from Dublin, Ireland. Amoung her passengers was a family of 12, who brought their worldly good for a better life.

James Revell b. 1803 Ireland, wife Elenor b. 1808 Ireland, and their children:

***John H. Revell b.1832, James Jr. b.1833, Anna b.1835, Sidney b.1836, Martha b.1837, Marcella b.1838, William b.1842, Joseph b.1843, Thomas b. July 1847 and infant Nathaniel b.1849.

James's brother Samuel and wife Ann Elizabeth Revell where already in America. James and family continued the long trip to join them in Wisc.

John H Revell farmed the land as did most, and @1852 he married Mary Rhames b.1836 Ireland, daughter of Robert and Mary Rhames. To this union was born : John Jr.b.1854 Wisc.,James b.1856 Wisc., Joseph H. b.1857 Beaver Dam, Dodge Co. Wisc., William b. 1859 Wisc. and Alfred Brass "A.B." Revell b. 11 Nov 1864 Newburg, Mitchell Co., Iowa.

Mary (Rhames) Revell died 1878 at Newburg, Iowa and shortly after John H. remarried (stories say John H. was married @4 times and died some where in North Dakota at age of @ 100 years old.) "A.B." did not get along with his step-mother and left home at 16 years of age, heading West.

"A.B." Revell worked on farms along his travel and ended up in Aurora, Hamilton Co. Nebraska, where he met his life mate, Mary Elizabeth Williams (b. 16 Feb 1870 near Springbay, Ill.). On the 4th of March 1886 at the home of Mary's folks, Milton B. and Julia (Ellworth) Williams, they were wed.

"A.B." and Mary Revell settled around Stratton Nebraska and here 5 of their 6 children were born. Della Mary b.Feb 1888, Roy Milton b.17 June 1890, **Guy Ernest b.29 June 1892, Myrtle Lovell b.Feb. 1896, Gladys E. b. 1905 Gillner, Neb.

Loading up his family in two wagons and hitching them to oxen with their belonging, in 1907 they headed south to Cloud Co. Kansas. They made their new home in Central Twp and here Mildred Ethel was born on the 13th of June 1909.


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