My Block Of Great Genealogy Links


Cyndi's List of Genealogy Sites on the Internet

Genealogy Gateway to the Web - by Steve Lacy

GenServ Project Hompage

International Genealogy Association Home Page (IGA)

International INTERNET Genealogical Association (IIGA)

ROOTSWeb Main Page

US Census Bureau - Genealogy

USGenWeb-Project HomePage

United States Internet Genealogical Society

US National Archives; Records Administration (NARA)

US National Genealogical Society- Home Page

US Social Security Death Index (SSDI) Ancestry's Search Page

US Vital Records Information Online Link to States

WorldGenWeb Project

Ancestry Search- Main Page


Genealogy Web Database List

GENDEX- WWW Genealogical Index


Kindred Konnections

Lineages Inc., Main page

Surname Web

Adoption Sites- Cyndi Howells' List of Sites

Adoption - THE ADOPTIONETWORK- (Current\Contemporary)

Cemetery- World Wide

Investigative Resources International

History- The Making of America


MapQuest! Home Page- International Online Map Service

New York- ELLIS ISLAND Home Page

Newspaper Obituaries Online

Passenger Ships Lists, (many ships)

Sons Of Union Veterans Of The Civil War

US Bureau of Land Management-Department of the Interior

US Federal Web Locator (links to US gov't sites)

US Library of Congress

US Military- American Civil War Homepage- Genealogy

US Military Center of Military History- Records

US Military- Index of Army Records

Home of Irish Genealogy on the Web

EuroGenWeb- World Gen Web Project for Europe

France- American\French Genealogical Society

German Genealogy Home Page

Germany- Internet Resources for German Genealogy

Irish Family History Foundation

Irish Map Source - IreAtlas Townland Database

Irish - OLochlainns Journal of Irish Families

Native American Genealogy, Cyndi's List

Native American- RootsWeb-Home of the Cherokee Archival Project

Native American- RootsWeb- RootsWeb- Genealogy of the First Americans

Pennsylvania: Department: Genealogy: Index

Scandinavia Home Page- Genealogy

Scotland- Tracing Your Scottish Ancestry

Scottish- "Gathering of the Clans" Home Page

Ireland Genealogical Information Service http:/

Clan YOUNG Home Page