Taken in 1900; Charles Headley b.Dec22,1858. Grace Lacy Headley b.Sept.19,1885 Southbend, Indiana. Martha Demaris(ALTER)Headley b.Oct9,1857 Indiana.

Lewis Simon ALTER b.June22,1851. Civil Engineer of Remington, Indiana. Married 1/2 Ellen Sarah Nash June21,1913; 2/2 Cynthis Ann Price. Son of John and 3/3 Mary Ann(CHAMBERLIN) ALTER. Brother of Martha Demaris(ALTER) Headley.


The following is from research AND an old original "The Alter family 1740-1930 'Bulletin No. 1" compiled by LEWIS S. ALTER Family Historian, GOODLAND, INDIANA. (note: Lewis S. Alter was a brother to my gggrandmother, Martha Demaris Alter). Over the years I have come across others who have much the same information.

Jacob Alter was born 1742 (family originated in the south of Germany or northern Switzerland, in or near Hesse, Darmstadt, Germany). He died on the 18th of April, 1815 on the farm near New Buffalo, Pa.

Jacob emigrated to America in 1753 on the ship BEULAH, commanded by Captain Rickey, from Rotterdam. with his father George Heinrich Alter and his brother Freiderich Alter.

Jacob Alter was listed as a shoemaker on the Beulah’s rolls. He qualified as a citizen of Philadelphia, Penn. on the 10th of September 1758. ( Found in the Pa. Archives, Vol. XIII, page 380.)

Jacob Alter married @ 1767 to Margaret Landis the daughter of Henry and Veronica [Graf] Landis. Of this marriage 10 children were born.

Jacob moved to Plainfield near Carlisle in Cumberland Co, Pa. In 1769, and it was from there that Jacob served in the Penn. Militia and was at Valley Forge, ( it is said he made shoes for the Patriot Army) He was enrolled in the Army of the Revolution, 2nd Battalion, Pa. Line Infantry in 1778.

Jacob served in the Pa. Assembly as a representative from Cumberland County after the war. Jacob’s service as an elected offical to the House of Representatives covered six years from 1800 – 1805.

Children of Jacob and Margret(Landis)ALTER are:

I.Veronica Alter b. Oct 9,1769 Pa.; m. Lawrence Lefevre.

*II.*John Alter b. Sept 13,1771 Lancaster Co.Pa.; d.1834 Pa.; m.1793 Helenor Sheetz**Children of John and Helenor are:

....1.Joseph Alter b. Mar 19,1795 ; d.Aug 16,1816 (unmarried)

....2.Esther Alter b. July 14,1798; d.july 1,1881; m.Jan 22,1816 Rev. Isaac VanAusdall

****3.JOHN Alter b. 1 July,1801, d.16 Oct 1876, m.1/3 Charity VanAusdall on 4 April 1822(she died 1837) (8 children). m.2/3 Lucinda Jane Black (she died 1847)(2 children). m.3/3**Mary Ann Chamberlin on 4 Jan 1849 b.Mar 18,1825; d.Mar 22,1889.(8 children). *My Line*

....4.Jacob Alter b. Feb 27,1804; d. Aug 23,1849; m. 1/2 Prudence McFarland [5 children]; m.2/2 Prudence Steward[7 children.]

....5.David Alter b. Dec 3,1807; d. Sept 18,1881; m.1/2 1832 Laura Rowley; m.2/2 1844 Amanda Rowley.

....6. Simon Snyder Alter b.July 19,1810; d. Feb 7,1879; m.1837 Nancy Braddock.

....7. Isaac Alter b.1813; d. May 12,1827

....8. Benjamine Alter b. 1816 d. 185_; M. Anna Bell.

III.Jacob Alter b. Jan 1,1773 Pa.; d.June 29,1839 Cumberland Co. Pa.;m. Elizabeth Foutz.

IV. David Alter b. Feb 7,1775 Pa.; m. Elizabeth Melt (Mell).

V. Esther Alter b.Feb 28,1777 Pa.; m. Michael Bear (he was a Mennonite Preacher)

VI. Samuel Alter b. Mar 17, 1779 Pa.

VII. Susannah Alter b. Oct 30,1780 Pa.; d. @ 1840 at Mount Rock; m 1800 Joseph Ritner (he was a member of the Legislature for 6 years and Speaker of the House of Representatives for 2 years PA.

VIII.Henry Alter b Oct 25,1784 Pa.; m. Maria E. Rinehardt

IX. Abraham Alter b. Mar 13,1787

X. Margart Alter b. Mar 23,1790 Pa; m. __McCullough.

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